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The MEISTER and FREEDIVEGREECE, two of the largest companies in freediving, staged in collaboration with the sole aim of providing specialized and integrated training services for freedivers.

"Freediving is special activity that takes place within the inexhaustible marine environment, but also a profound and courageous journey within one's self"

Manolis Giankos

Through proper and safe training, freediving becomes the "key" that will open the "door" of this magical "blue veil" that surrounds the earth. Through our expertise, our experience and our love for the sport, we are equipped to provide you with all the necessary tools for this unique and limitless exploration.

A diver, whether interested in the professional, athletic and competitive part of the sport, or whether interested in the sport purely as a hobby and recreational activity, shall acquire the following set of skills: he/she will develop respiratory and physical abilities to the maximum, will improve on reflexes, acquire discipline and confidence, experience spearfishing, take rare photographs, learn the "secrets" of the underwater world and escape from the harsh reality.

As professionals of freediving, we will teach you all the necessary techniques, using a training system that makes freediving accessible to everyone. We will help you acquire, quickly and with the required safety, the necessary tools for an unforgettable journey, filled with underwater scenery, under all conditions. Each training session provides physical and mental health.


The importance of an educational seminar on freediving, with regards to matters of safety, is certainly unquestionable! The educational seminar, also serves as a very useful “SCHOOL”, whether addressed to the freediver or the underwater hunter, or to a friend of the sea who simply wishes to enjoy the underwater world with comfort, prudence and safety!

In order to have a clear view on the content and epistemic object of the seminars, we shall now attempt to describe the program of educational seminars for each level, in detail.

The minimum duration for each level is specified by each educational institution. However, there is nothing preventing us from taking the initiative to spend more time with you in the classroom, the pool or the sea, in order to ensure the high quality of the learning process, which is our primary objective! Our goal is to openly share with you all the effective diving methods and techniques, which we ourselves discovered when we had to overcome difficulties through our own experiences; skills which we have now developed to the maximum!

In cases where similar subjects are being taught in seminars of different levels, this certainly means that at higher levels, requirements for technical knowledge and experience are increased.

As part of our educational process, the efforts of each participant are video recorded, using suitable underwater equipment. This is followed by a thorough analysis of the footage! This helps significantly in the process of reflection, namely the rapid understanding and improving of weaknesses of the diver’s movement, under the rules of the technique.

The fact that you may possess the ability to dive deeper than what is defined by the requirements of a certain level, does not necessarily mean that you are ready to move to the next level. At this point, you should remember that what is important is not only “how deep” but also “how” one dives. Apart from anything else, there is knowledge to be acquired in each level, required before anyone can move to the next. All this is because we believe that a good freediver must combine action with knowledge and dive with prudence, in a framework set by comfort and safety…

The teachers,
Manolis Giankos, Vasilis Garoutsos

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Our goal is a “student-centered” teaching method, attractive and meaningful, and not the accumulation of scattered, disconnected information, which is not true knowledge!

Our seminar instructors utilize open-ended questions and promote extensive dialogue between participants on issues relating to the theory, technique, performance and, above all, safety. The main direction of the training is about how the various concepts relate to freediving, in order to serve the objectives of the individual theoretical and practical lessons that are being taught. Lessons are constructed in such a way, as to address and identify the shortcomings of Greek training in matters pertaining to freediving. Procedures are also put into place, in order to overcome these shortcomings on all levels, while instilling to the younger generation, through relevant techniques and practices, a culture of improvement that is much needed in our country.


Aimed primarily at novice divers. Participants must be at least 16 years of age and must be able to swim 100 meters without stopping.
The purpose of the training course is to familiarize sea lovers with the skills, knowledge, basic safety precautions, proper freediving technique and, especially, the pleasure of safe contact with the underwater world. Read more...


This is aimed at freedivers who are already familiar with the depth, and dive relatively comfortably, and to all those who wish to learn the basic theory and techniques of freediving.
Participants must be at least 16 years of age and must be able to swim 200 meters without stopping and 300 meters using equipment (fins, mask and snorkel).
The purpose of the training seminar is to give participants knowledge on technical, organizational and outing planning skills, as well as troubleshooting skills and learning how to avoid risks.



This is aimed at certified 2nd level divers who wish to delve into more advanced techniques and dive deeper, safely.
The purpose of the training seminar is to give participants knowledge on technical, organizational and outing planning skills, as well as troubleshooting skills and learning how to avoid risks.



This high level is intended for advanced and demanding freedivers who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in deep freediving, but also in issues of addressing risks and hazards.
Participants must be at least 16 years of age, must be certified 3d level freedivers and they must also have attended a seminar of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) within the last two years.



Our teaching is aimed at professionals, but also at amateur sea lovers, and is specifically tailored to take into account the mental models used by freedivers to decipher the underwater world. The training learning material, based on previous knowledge and the needs of free divers, is constantly updated! We adapt our teaching strategies to the demands of the friends of freediving, encouraging them to analyze, interpret and predict information.



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